Top 25 Paralegal Blogs of 2018

From career advice to legal news, we’ve curated a list of the best blogs for paralegals on the net this year.

Ruffin Consulting

The monthly posts on this blog offer career advice, resources for legal professionals, and industry news and trends. The site is run by professional, legal transcriptionists with years of experience in the industry. Many of the articles focus on how you can be better equipped for success in the workplace.

Featured Post: Resources for Legal Professionals

TheRecordXchange | Your Trusted Source for the Record of Proceedings

The RecordXchange covers career tips and industry news for court reporters, paralegals, and entrepreneurs in legal fields.

Featured Post: Paralegal News: Loss of Control & Robot Lawyers

Law Dawgs – Legal and Corporate Staffing Specialists

The LawDawgs blog shares legal industry staffing trends, interview and job seeking skills, and other resources about hiring and being hired for legal and paralegal roles. They also focus on providing interesting news related to the industry and how it intersects with global society and technology.

Featured Post: 93 Percent of Legal Professionals Think Artificial Intelligence Will Help or Create More Opportunity Within the Legal Industry

One Legal | Court filing, process serving, and more

This smart and frequently-updated blog features organization and productivity skills, career advice, court news, and wellness advice for legal and paralegal professionals. They also provide information and advice for those in school preparing for paralegal certification.

Featured Post: 5 tips for studying for a paralegal certification class while working full time

ABA Journal

This journal is the official blog of the American Bar Association. The site aggregates articles and analysis from over 4,000 legal blogs and compiles them in one place. While it functions as a much more general hub for law-related news and features, it is still essential for anyone in a legal profession.

Featured Post: 60 tips, tricks and technologies to improve your life and practice on and offline

Rocket Matter | Cloud Based Legal Billing & Management Software

The Rocket Matter blog offers technology tips, productivity practices, career skills, and more for legal professionals. They have also recently launched an investigative reporting unit to cover in-depth stories relevant to the legal career field.

Featured Post: Investigative Report: Mental Health and Substance Abuse Threaten the Legal Profession

Legal Ease Blog

The Legal Ease Blog offers tips, news, and resources to help legal professionals create more productive and enjoyable law practices. There is a bevy of good information on how to successfully utilize social media platforms to boost your career.

Featured Post: Do Something! Power Up Your LinkedIn Headline

Business & Legal Blog

The Business & Legal Blog focuses on the intersection of law and entrepreneurship, highlighting news and legal perspectives on current events. The articles are tailored towards potential clients, giving a wide array of information on various legal situations they may find themselves in.

Featured Post: Solving Disputes In The Family Before Calling A Lawyer

Your Paralegal Help Desk Blog-Florida Virtual Paralegal

A wealth of legal information and resources, this blog focuses on local government law and covers a mix of law, politics, paralegal topics, and the role local government law plays in our communities.

Featured Post: How To Become A Paralegal

Proactive Paralegal

Proactive Paralegal has tips, tricks, and resources offering everything an early-career paralegal needs to be organized, resourceful, and proactive at the office. If you’re striving to up the efficiency and organization in your office, this is the blog for you.

Featured Post: The Less Paper Law Office

Paralegal Education Group

A national leader in paralegal certification prep, Paralegal Education Group’s blog covers a wide range of topics for current, prospective, and recently graduated students: how to land a job, tips for exams, details about licensure, and more. All blogs are written by industry professionals who share unique insights into the paralegal field.

Featured Post: Career Readiness & Job Prospects: Navigating the Perfect Storm

The Legaco Express for Paralegals

Bringing the best of paralegal blogging to one place, Legaco aggregates the best posts and videos from across the internet covering paralegal news, career tips, book reviews, and more.

Featured Post: How To Ace A Performance Review Interview

The Researching Paralegal

Created by Celia C. Elwell, RP, this blog shares all the references, tools, and resources the author uses and relies upon to broaden her own skills and knowledge. The site provides multiple articles that help reinforce preparedness on the job.

Featured Post: Paralegal Checklist For Trial

Academy of Continuing Education for the Professions

The Academy of Continuing Education’s blog shares licensure and certification information as well as tips for the profession. All articles are written by industry professionals.

Featured Post: Benefits of Paralegal Certification: Types & Options

National Center for Paralegal Studies | Paralegal Training

Check out the Paralegal Bootcamp blog for job search and interview tips, continuing education advice, and skills and news every paralegal should know. If you’re looking for solid, concise advice for paralegals, look no further.

Featured Post: 3 Ways Business Etiquette Can Help Legal Professionals Win at Work

How to Become a Paralegal

A comprehensive and up-to-date resource, this blog offers trusted guidance for students about the paralegal profession, job and salary data, degree options, and more.

Featured Post: The Short Guide to Paralegal Career Options

The Paralegal Mentor

The Paralegal Mentor profiles paralegal professionals on why they chose this path. Articles include highlights from their careers, advice they would offer others, and more.

Featured Post: Why did you become a Paralegal? | Certificates, Degrees, and Salary Info by State

This blog offers job search tips, paralegal news, career-planning advice, and more. They also have a resources page that provides links to useful websites for paralegals.

Featured Post: 26 Legal Terms Every Paralegal Should Know

The Empowered Paralegal

A blog for and about professional paralegals and the paralegal profession. Written by a professor of legal studies, this blog offers advice and insight for students and professionals.

Featured Post: The Paralegal Contract

Practical Paralegalism

A blog celebrating paralegals – and sharing a few cautionary tales. Written for aspiring and veteran paralegals alike, Practical Paralegalism shares everything from what you should be reading online, who you should follow on Twitter, how to best use LinkedIn, and other digital and professional tips for paralegals.

Featured Post: Top 10 Tips for Brand New Paralegals

Paralegal Today

The only independent magazine serving the paralegal community, Paralegal Today offers smart and practical material such as technical information to help you excel at work, profiles of people across the profession, and coverage of national news and trends.

Featured Post: How lawyers are integrating paraprofessionals into practice

The Estrin Report

Not your standard paralegal blog, Chare Estrin offers humor, advice, and industry news for paralegal professionals of all stripes. This site provides a more approachable source of information for legal professionals.

Featured Post: How to Change Specialties: Getting It Right the Second Time

The Paralegal

Blog by Anna Pierro, a paralegal in New Jersey with 18 years of experience in the profession. Articles include news, features, advice, and personal reflections on the paralegal career.

Featured Post: Work Life Balance – My Thoughts on it

New York Special Education Attorney

Skyler Law, a premier NYC firm guiding parents of special needs children through special education, offers a blog sharing news and information for legal and paralegal professionals working with special needs children.

Featured Post: Understanding The Importance Of Classification On An IEP

Legal Staffing Group

The Legal Staffing Group blog offers tips and advice for job-seeking legal and paralegal professionals. Many of the articles focus on maintaining optimism and a healthy stress levels while working in the industry.

Featured Post: Job Interview Jitters–5 Tips on How to Handle Them